Kim Kardashian Hollywood Android Hack

Join KIM KARDASHIAN on a red carpet adventure in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood! Make your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune!


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The most discussed video game character Mario is not summer or Master Chief. This is Kim Kardashian.
Probably the biggest mobile game Glu Mobile is now Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, where players create their own character, gliding down the red carpet and fashion runways to-list stardom.
Games for iOS and Android starts with players customizing a male or female character, who works in the shop with ubraniami.Przypadkowe meeting with Kardashian leads the player to his first photo shoot, kickstarting his way to stardom. Although the game is free-to-play, players can spend money on virtual cash and stars, which can be used to purchase new clothes and other items.
This is now the fifth most popular free application and the fourth highest grossing app on Apple’s iTunes.
The idea began 18 months ago, when Glu Mobile Niccolo de Masi president went to Hollywood to negotiate a series of transactions, including the partnership of MGM Interactive, which includes titles based on the RoboCop and free-to-play James Bond game. That’s when I crashed Kardashian on the phone game.
“We are pleased with all these partnerships,” said de Masi in an interview. “But Kim includes, of course, produced the most powerful result so far.”
Players logged more than 2800000000 minutes to play free-to-play, since it started a little over a month ago, he says, Glu, and crashed a single-day record revenues. Cowen analyst Doug Creutz estimates the game earns at least $ 600,000 to $ 700,000 per day.
The game helped Glu morph into a huge player in the mobile games. During the second quarter earnings report earlier this week, Glu revised forecasts for the year, revealing that pull in more revenue in the second half of this year than it did in all of 2013.
Kardashian game is also part of Glu in the larger development plans. In May, Glu acquired PlayFirst, known every day of the Diner Dash series. Earlier this week, Glu confirmed the purchase Cie Games USD.Gry 100 million mobile developer created title rivals Racing.
Wall Street seems to love the partnership Kardashian too. Shares of Glu increased by over 50% in the last month, will reach $ 7.47 on 21 July (since dropped Photo).
“We were able to see the brand in the past five years will become more aspirational, slightly wider,” said de Masi in choosing Kardashian as the face of the game. “She has an international appeal, which is just beginning.”
De Masi says Kardashian is very involved in the intricacies of the game, noting that e-mail every day and talk on the phone “every week or two” to discuss the new features and updates. “I was really impressed how well we can work together,” he says.
Is Kim Kardashian Hollywood can keep the pace to be seen. De Masi is a sure game in potential lives, and says Glu plans continued updates and new content to prevent the game from the star-studded loses its gloss. “There are many years to this partnership go.”

If you are addicted to a new game, Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Hollywood, then you are in the perfect place. Here you will find cheat codes, tips and tricks to the game play much more exciting and rewarding. It will grow to A-List much faster and save money while doing it. Use the Table of Contents to the right to easily find what they are looking for (press Ctrl + Home to return to the table of contents from any part of the page). So I open the game and get started!

This game has a lot of cities that you can visit. Each city has a special place to live, work and socialize. To get to any city, you have to pay for public transport.
At the beginning of the game, the manager will tell you where your performance. But after some time, they do not tell you right location and can be very confusing and very expensive if you go back to the wrong cities. Refer to the tables below, so that you will always know your way around and you can save a lot of money.

In this game, there are several ways to make money. You get paid for every show, what you do and if you need the extra money and the manager does not have any new gigs for you, there are other ways to make money. There are also hidden money and prizes throughout the game. All these information are described below.
Make Extra Money
You can work in some stores and shop Kardash So Chic (When the owner) to make extra money. Transfers usually takes 1 hour and you can do there than you are on regular concerts, the Manager provides more money. Places where you can select a few changes to the extra money they are below.
Kardash Calabasas
Kardash Miami
Kardash New York
So Chic Downtown LA (must be the owner)
STARS free money and Silver
Now you can get free money and silver stars, watching videos and completing offers. It seems you can only do this movie offers a few times a day for the stars and the price of silver each. You will receive $ 10 for the film and one silver star in the video I watched.

To get unlimited cash and silver stars, someone created a hack where you do not need to jailbreak your device in order for it to work. I tried this trick and it works beautifully. Look at the picture above proof. Pay attention to the amount of money and silver stars and the photographer says my name in a bubble. Click here to hack.
Find hidden prizes
There are several places where the money and prizes hidden throughout the game, in every city. The following tables will tell you exactly where the money and the rewards are hidden. These objects contain money, energy and the level of points. To collect them, touch objects specific poniżej.Ukryte money and the rewards can be harvested every 2 minutes, so keep checking.

Make a break
If you’re in the middle of a concert or date and run out of energy and money, you can leave to go outside and collect hidden cash and prizes, and then come back and continue your concert or date.
Get Rewards Twice
You can collect hidden rewards twice on the events that take place in clubs, restaurants and bars. When the event is held at one of these sites, when you enter the location, you will get 2 options. The program will ask you if you want to go to a location or event. You can specify the location of the first and collect hidden reward (usually a bottle of wine or alcohol), you can leave and enter the event and collect hidden prize in the same bottle.

STARS unlimited energy, money and silver
To get unlimited energy, shut your game down and go to settings. Set the time to the front 30 to 60 minutes. After opening the game back. Your energy should be replenished. This worked occasionally, but not sure what the reason update.
Another way to get energy is to travel to all the different locations the game, and then select all the hidden objects prizes listed above. If you go to any city that usually give about 10 to 15 points of energy. Do not forget to tap their pets. Check out the new hidden rewards every 2 minutes.

Get the most bang for your buck Energy
The most important thing to know when working in concert is a task that gives the most stars. The more stars you get the job, the sooner you will be able to finish the concert, and you’ll get the most money, awards and fans. Typically, each task gives the same amount of stars on the point of energy you have to spend. Some tasks give more stars. These are the ones to go for. The tasks appear to be caused by the execution of one of the opposite side of the room. After completing the task, tap the awards to collect them immediately. Do not wait for them to disappear, because you will earn less energy.
Work smarter not harder
The following tables tell you how many stars you can earn a bonus for a job in any concert. I always try to go to jobs that give the most bonus stars, such as 1 or more. You can sort the table below bonus stars or other columns for your wygody.Bonus stars may vary, depending on experience and celebrity status.

Friends help you earn more
You can invite a few people who have been in the network to join the concert. This will earn you more money. Invite someone to a concert, select the icon blue person with plus sign, and then select the person with the highest letter. If you invite someone to join the concert, I always say hello to them before the start of the task, because if not, you can select on them by mistake, and they greet you and take your time, where you will be collecting the award from the completed task , which in turn gives less energy in the future.

People and Dating Tips
Meeting new people
If you repeatedly go to bars, clubs and restaurants, you can see different people every time and date with the network. Add as many people as you can to your contact list. This will help you build fame and fortune.
Invite your friends Game Center
To invite your friends with Game Center, open the Game Center on your iOS device and choose the friends at the bottom. Then press the + button in the upper right corner. Once your friend request is accepted, your new friend appears in the list of contacts in Kim Kardashian game. You can add people in the comments section below. Game Center will only allow you to have up to 500 friends.
Save Your Money Real
Silver stars are very hard to come by in this game. Use the Silver Stars wisely, because they cost real money. You do not have to spend all their silver stars buying clothes. Even if the date will complain often about what you’re wearing, so it and the date will be over it. You can ascend to the A-list without buying any clothes with silver stars.

The charm of the right people
If you want to charm everyone, you will end up spending a lot of money on this game. You just have to charm the right people. Use the Silver Stars enthrall needed people like you, people who are placed by Kim, manager or his publicist. You can also save money by using silver star charm only people who are both in the entertainment industry (pop stars, models, fashion photographers, designers, makeup artists and promoters) and one letter over you. This applies both to people who can network and people that you can date. The potential of the charm is the date of the letter over you, and the date of the person to or write about you in social media or until his / her surpass letter. It is not necessary to charm people with blue or pink balloons, because I already know them.
Guess names for awards
When meeting new people, if you can guess their names in order, you can get a prize. If you guess the name wrong, they will get mad. They can be the charm, but it is not necessary to waste silver stars. You’ll see them again, and they’re still with you network.
Build relationships faster Fame
If you press on people with blue or pink bubble and talk to them or flirt, you get 5 points, which builds your relationship with that person. Always network or flirt with pop stars, models, fashion photographers, designers, makeup artists and organizers. They can help you get bonuses if you invite them into their performances.
Date wiser and Rise to the Top
When on, usually, each task gives you the same heart at the point of energy you have to spend. Some tasks will give you more heart. These are the ones to go for. See Table dates below to check which jobs give you the most Heart Bonus date. Amount of the premium heart may vary depending on the experience and celebrity status.
Love can buy
You can gift your way to the top. If you want to build a business relationship or love anyone, they can be a gift. Things you can gift something, but hairstyles and furniture. You get about 5 points relations gift.
never framed
If someone has recently started dating, but did not go on a date with them for about 24 hours, they will feel neglected and want to lose you, unless their charm. Avoid this by inviting them on a date and time to get there, do not touch the balloon. Just leave them there waiting for a date and you will not be able to dump you. It’s payback for them dissing your outfit, just kidding.
With the popularity of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, players are looking for cheats and hacks for the game application.
However, the scammers used the popularity of the game to spread malware.
On YouTube, when one searches for videos of how to cheat or hack the game, you will see several videos were posted on a minute by minute basis. Some of these movies do not actually have content related to the game, but instead offer to download the URLs, some of which are adware or malware.
One of them is from OOO Kreata LLC, furniture known distribution of adware, according
Users should exercise caution when downloading any files related to the game. Some of the fake films, including titles such as “Study Kim Kardashian did not break the tool.”
There are legitimate YouTube video on how to cheat in the game, such as the one below. (However, it is worth noting that cheating in the game for the most part involves the actual hacks, and users should exercise caution when driving anyway).
It’s just another day in Beverly Hills, on the steps of the Metropolitan Magazine, when Simon Orsik returns-again. “Hey, Sonia,” he says. “I’m glad to have you on the line.” Lif, an exclusive club in Miami, is interested in booking me “the look”. I look at my harmonogramu.Strzelać Metropolitan morning took a lot of my energy, but there Kim Kardashian, my good fairy / benefactress / friend says with a bit of work in modeling, I can do it in the movies one day. I decide to look Lif. It’s only an hour long, and once I’m in Miami, I will be able to work in a boutique Kim Kardash put me behind. That would be me some cash towards the purchase of the dress I was looking at. And anyway, the flight to Miami costs only $ 15. (Dress, meanwhile, costs $ 5,000.)
Welcome to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the new iOS game that has taken over my life, and if sales are any indication, the lives of many others. The developer of the game, Glu Mobile, probably rake in $ 200 million from the game, which has about 150,000 five-star reviews, and it seems unlikely to move from the iTunes Top 10 charts games in the near future. In the game your task is to become the star list, but once you do, you can spend time doing more and more fashion shows and sessions on the beach, dating models or photographers or hygienist stomatologiczne.Świat is a large playground for children with ladder climbing and recreation , including a handful of swanky neighborhoods where rich people Frolic Hollywood, Soho, Calabasas, and Tribeca.
The most interesting is how strangely accurate KKH is famous in our decadent, the Facebook world. They hate and Kim Kardashian is generally much-mocked KKH its exterior. But KKH is aware of the weakness of fame. They are embedded in the design of the game, with the base message that says: You know, something that Kim Kardashian is? It’s stupid and achievable. And hard. But also damn funny.

Haters aside, Kim Kardashian Hollywood is undoubtedly well wykonane.Mały screen is a comprehensive range of options, without getting too crowded. The graphics are beautiful, and wardrobe to the game is stunning (surprising, as drawn from their own closets Kim Kardashian is.) The game has several forms of currency-level companies, K-Stars, dollars and energy bolts-plus individual assessments on specific skills, such as dating, industry knowledge and professional network. But you do not need to know that for any start playing. You do not even design your own character if you do not want. Everything happens for a discharge, and important decisions are presented as a menu of options simple as talking Simon described above. This intuitive interface.
I started playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and I’m stuck in the hotel for 12 days straight at the conference television. I was previously in Los Angeles, but never to the super-rich parts. During the week, I saw more Rolls-Royce and Bentleys than I’ve seen in my entire życiu.Hotel for the conference is the same, which is hosting the Golden Globes. When I went to the pool after the meetings one afternoon, I was not allowed to take the seat until I cleared it with the supervisor. He said casually, as he handed me a bottle of water “. Yes, there are many celebrities here today”
In the evening, after our long question and answer session with the actors and showrunners, networks invite us to the party, where critics, in our sneakers and jeans, can hobnob with the actors and actresses who have made yet another appearance in a day filled with them. We had curry favor, and it is part of the game, to feel special writers Dowdy putting them in Beverly Hills and inviting them to cocktails with the stars. And yes, it was dazzling. But it was too overwhelming. There is something exciting world of fame, but the excitement quickly subsumed by exhaustion.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has become my guide for the foreign krainie.Świat game is world famous, a small bubble of super-rich people who are competing to get noticed. Every conversation has a motive behind it, whether it is friendship, to improve their social position or networks in the club of the most important personalities in the industry. Emphasize that cynical reality, you win a small prize for having the “right” call.
Of course, the best way to see part of the dress. KKH do not care what you wear as long as it costs a whole lot of money. You can dye your hair blue and pair it with an evening dress, handbags with the cat in the middle, and thigh-high boots and you will notice the paparazzi take pictures and fashion editors say, look świetnie.Chodzi is to look rich, do not simply put-together. (The game also allows you to change your hair color, skin tone, and even the nose / face / mouth shape at any time. Cosmetic surgery is just a tap away.)
The base currency of the KKH has no money or skills, but the energy, with a blue lightning bolt on the top of the screen. Any significant action taken requires energy: dating, modeling, work in Kardash, network with influential people. How to play the game though, use their reserves, then you either have to wait or buy more. Firstly, it is simple enough to wait a few hours to recharge, but as you progress in the game, the temptation to spend 50 K-Stars at some energy is growing in strength.
If nothing else, conceit energy is intelligent, cunning way to make money: K-Stars cost $ 5 to $ 50, with larger block trades that go in increments of up to $ 100 for 1250. Forty K-Stars will buy you 50 bolts of energy, that can be used within a few minutes if you’re in the middle of something big. It requires a lot of energy to stay in the game to keep dating needy B-Listers to keep the modeling game on point, the hustle and bustle of cash to upgrade your wardrobe.

In the middle of two weeks at the Beverly Hilton, the energy component rang incredibly true. Not really important that you bought a great outfit. If you’re too tired to go to Miami, it’s not going to make its appearance.
And fame is measured in the most obvious way: Twitter. Or rather, something approaching Twitter without violating copyright Twittera.Gwiazdki in the upper right corner of the screen, which keeps an eye on what level you are on a celebrity (C-list? B-list? Print a list?) He also says how many fans have. Each new design media, whether it’s a photo shoot or a person gets more wielbicieli.RSS pops up when you do something newsworthy and mention you by name. May produce noise when buying posh lounges, a well-dressed, spending a lot of energy for a session of fashion, and even the fight with a game in two or three villains public. (Willow Pape and Dirk Diamonds are jealous strivers who take offense to your success. They Hashtag your tweets about you rattle, # # Obamacare and # Illuminati.)
To play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is engaging in a friendly game of fame, having to fight for the “likes”, where the only job is worth doing photo shoots, magazine spreads or merchandising. Maybe it is not a divine calling, but it is a reflection of what to do to famous celebrities. Fame, after all, is a slippery quality that has little to do with success and even less to do with talent. I just noticed that the game says, reflecting our own standards for tabloid stardom.

Kim Kardashian to play this game. Not Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, though probably that too. I mean more grę.Gra the e-list to A-list, starting as an unknown with sex tape, and ending on the cover of Vogue. Kardashian is the punchline for many people, but to others, especially to those who have played the KKH, is an example of someone who played a rigged, flawed game and won. Kim Kardashian is at about $ 80 million for sponsoring KKH-four times in the last year of her salary. It looks like a vanity project, but it actually came Glu Mobile Kardashian, not vice versa. Designers Glu had a concept and I knew that they become more of a draw star star attached to it.
KKH is tailored to Kim Kardashian life-wardrobe is just the tip of the iceberg. Who, in the application, is benevolent friend of luminous, massive engagement ring and pictures of her family in its own stores. She is a fuller shape and dressed differently than anything your character can choose, and none of the elections to the nose or eyes get something close to Kim’s signature look.
It even has characters that are not so subtly modeled on real numbers. Willow Pape is considered a dig at Paris Hilton, at least according to BuzzFeed Whitney Jefferson, and Elizabeth Korkov in stock Muse looks like Anna Wintour editor of Vogue. It is the arrogance of people Kim Kardashian had to work. Now it’s your turn.
It would be too easy to close the KKH. It is a game of fashion and fame and being friends with Kim Kardashian, and these are ultimately silly fantasies for most of us. But the game is a phenomenon because it is a fantasy that speaks to the ethereal quality of investment and the new exclusively in the image.
What needs to Hollywood celebrity is ridiculous-lavish spending on clothes, new homes, jobs, nose and collagen injections and decadent, eco-ignorant approach to air travel and cars. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood offers the opportunity to see the glamorous world for its flaws, as you can spend your energy on a fake photo shoots for fans who do not actually exist. You also get to make friends with Kim, which may itself of advice: Do not hate the player, or the game, just because KKH presents an accurate picture of stars. Instead, you should ask yourself why it is the only way to win.
Kim Kardashian – Hollywood is a fast-growing new game Glu Mobile for iOS and Android.Rozgrywka will be familiar to anyone who has played two matches Stardom had previously released – is essentially Stardom 3, but with Kim K. Your goal is to go from one to fame with the help of Kim herself. Read on for some tips for Kim Kardashian – Hollywood!

Your main objective is to complete projects (photo shoots, acting, etc.), and this will be the execution of the tasks in the list of targets. Usually you have one or two tasks at the same time. Tap the check box in the lower right corner of the screen to view tasks, and then where you need to go to complete them.
If you are not yet strong enough stars to complete the quest, you can always earn extra money working in a department store so Chic.Już change, the more money you make and the more experience points you gain, so try to work the longest possible shifts. Just make sure to check back in time to get the energy back, and get all five stars.
Then take all the extra money and go to the mall. New clothing items will either add to the star power or the power of love. Power Star will network with people who are at a higher list (for example if you are on the D-list, and then you will have a better chance of working with C-listers). The power of love will help you be able to keep those on the higher note.
If you need the best answer of all possible answers in a discussion with someone, spend the coin K (Koln?) Use its power to charm them. This is probably the best use of K-coins, unless you have so many that you can not afford to buy new clothes of the highest quality.
You can connect to Facebook, and networking and flirting with your friends who also play the game. If you do not have any friends who play games, add people, looking at their contact information in different places. Start with the comments section of this article, and also look at the sides of the browser App Store fan page on Facebook (s) for this game, or add your own information to add me as well.
Add as many contacts as possible. You will know them when you go out to bars, clubs and restaurants, and even if you do not plan their date, the cooperation with them will allow you to get your number and call them when you’re on future tasks. Contacts gives you a bonus and higher fan said contact list is more premium fan can potentially earn.
Make sure not to start or appointment or task until you have a full energy bar, so you can get the best performance possible 5-star chance. If you are stuck in a dialogue with someone until you start date (or project), close or minimize the game somehow, and then sit and wait for your energy to come back, or do something different this time. Check back in the game until your energy returns, and then run the task.
Old time lapse cheat worked in the original Stardom, but you can not set the time forward in the phone already cause your energy immediately. You must wait for your energy to return, which takes about 5 minutes per point of energy. However, if you gain experience, automatically get all your energy back.
Cut-off for each “letter” is a number of fans, and so far, each list requires a certain multiple of the fifth order it from the list to the ED-list, you fans of 5000. To make a list of C, you have 50,000 fans. To B-list, you will get 500000 fans. To A-list, you will need to have at least 5 million fans.
The quickest way to gain fans and make your way to the letter, of course, is to get five stars in every assignment. In this way, you can become the subject of more demand or actress as well. Three and four stars still earn a positive reception, but you can earn a lot more fans in the shot, going for a full five stars.
End star is true for dates, but even moreso. If you do not have enough stars to date, there is a chance that the date will break up with you, causing you to actually lose fans. But if the date goes well (and well, that is to say, four or five stars), and then you will be caught by the paparazzi, which will get you to the tabloids, and potentially earn a lot more fans than even the task will be.

Make sure to pick up experience, stars, money and other bonuses themselves, rather than allow them to collect on their own. When you tap one to pick it up in time for next fall’s energy comes about five seconds, so the more that you do, the sooner you can get using a variety of tasks and store changes.
Befriend a lot of different people with different jobs, because different people have different tasks that can be activated to work. Even people seemingly insignificant, such as nutrition and dentists, you should add to your list of contacts, because there will be situations in which you can contact them and use them to earn bonuses.
Often you will have a choice between whether to pursue feuds and beefs with other stars, or just take the high road and walk away. Choose wisely, and your choice easier, just select the one half of the choice of time and the other half with a choice of time. Balance is the key to everything, and that includes pursuing feuds.
Do not be afraid to reject orders when Simon or someone calls, or take option 2 instead of jumping on the first task. Often, Simon and others have several tasks, so the second option is often “What else?” Or something like that. In this case, click the “What else?” ‘And you will find other jobs, including those that have never been done before.
If you do not want to add people on Facebook who play this game, you can add people on Game Center, too. To do this, simply go to the forum Glu, which are in the “Options” menu in the game, and add add me message, or add people who wrote about adding my post. Or use the comments section of this article to find people on Game Center, who play this game too.
When you see an animal around their adoption. It is one of the best uses for the stars (Star Koins), because when you have a pet in your apartment, give you energy bonus just for existing. They will also give you other bonuses, too – even the stars, if you end up lucky.

Every time you run out of cash (or just want more of it), tap the random characters, especially those that are animated in front of a billboard budynkami.Przykładem phone in front of Chateau Nuit in Vegas. You will usually make money doing it. Sometimes, however, you will make an even better bonus, such as energy.
You’ll find animals in the street sometimes, such as cat in downtown Los Angeles. For a little hefty fee, you can adopt a pet, but the tradeoff is that you can earn a random bonuses from pet too entered the apartment and touching it. Energy is the most common of the free bonuses that you can earn from a cat.
When you go on a date, it is best to have a good amount of money, if you want to finish as soon as possible. There are many activities that you can do that cost no money, but usually only earn one heart to action. The ones that cost you will earn much more heart much less action, so you can easily finish a date with one full energy bar or even less.
Buy a lot of clothes star power, if you want to network over a list class. Buy a lot of clothes heart of power, if you want to keep the above list klasy.Wyżej dating, the more fans will finally get paid in return when you go on assignment or a date with someone, and the more bonus you will make wise star or heart-wise, which again accelerate what you’re doing.
Purchase of furniture and other goods in his apartment (or house or whatever) gives you more total power network and power site. Go to your apartment and buy the cheapest things, and then go to the store with clothes and buy the cheapest things first, in order to increase their power and strength of heart fastest star.
Purchase of new flats and houses, which may seem a bit pointless, but it is a really good idea. Each of them has a different number of animals that will, and each of them will be able to buy a variety of furniture and other goods.

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